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State’s regional stay at home order extended

Be in control of the narrative

Thanks to your own web-based admin application, verified, timely, and reliable information reaches all residents anytime, anywhere.

Receive relevant feedback

Ask for instant feedback from the municipality residents, crowdsource local improvements, take action when and where it's needed.

Get only what you need

Simplicity app covers everything you need in communication with your citizens, offering various modules to choose from, based on your specific requirements.

Simplicity 8:00 AM
Lockdown information
Tourism and leisure travel will be able to resume from 18 January 2021 at the earliest...
Simplicity 4:00 PM yesterday
Old Town municipality Opening hours
Monday fo Friday from 8.30 to 16.30 hrs.

New Covid-19 measures, forest fire, flood evacuation, terrorist attack, or any other emergency? Reach your citizens in real time. Send free and unlimited direct messages to all residents via the Simplicity mobile application.

Published 23. 12. 2020
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Please clean our local parks from leaves. Fallen leaves can create a health and safety risk for our residents, especially if they are wet and slippery.


Vandalism, street lamp not working, broken bench? Find out what bothers the citizens and respond to their needs. Thanks to the Simplicity app, now you can effectively and transparently solve all their suggestions and complaints.

Published 7. 1. 2021
Simplicity Poll Záhorská Bystrica
Question 1 Yes Yes Yes
Question 2

Find out what your citizens care about most. Through a simple app poll, they can vote where more trash bins are needed, how to name the new park, where to plant new trees, or anything else you want to know the answer to.

Published 17. 1. 2021
Taking your waste to a drop-off centre

Dispose of your bulky waste, garden waste and construction and demolition waste at a waste drop-off centre. Most types of waste are accepted free of charge this weekend.

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Informed residents are satisfied residents. Let them see all important news and updates, be it cultural, sports, or any other events. Information is downloaded directly from the municipal website, automatically displayed in the mobile app.

Life events
Child born
Death of a close relative
Vehicle ownership transfer - new keeper

Support residents in various life situations or guide them through municipal policies such as change of residence, waste management, parking, birth of a child, and many others. All the relevant information contained in a set of practical instructions, guides, and tutorials.

Important contacts
Emergeny lines
Emergency lines:
City police Old Town:
+421 (0) 2 592 46 400
Fire department:
Rescue transport and health service:
16 155
Citizen service
Town municipality
Vajanského nábrežie 3 814 21 Bratislava 1
Phone number:
+421 (0) 2 592 46 111
Opening hours:
Po 07:30 - 17:00
Ut 07:30 - 15:00

Share your municipal office opening hours, emergency numbers, and email addresses of relevant local government officials, institutions, and points of contact – everything available in the app.

  • Culture
  • Municipality
  • Sport
  • Usability
  • For kids
11. 1. 2021
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Celebration of 140th anniversary of starting the local voluntary firefighters group
2. 1. 2021
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Welcome to the Farmers market held in city center

Let citizens see what's going on in the city through an events calendar accessible to everyone. Add any important happening, municipality agenda, or ceremony to the app through your admin dashboard.

Published 5. 1. 2021
Published 1. 1. 2021

Let everyone get a chance to grab the local print newspaper and publish it as a PDF in the Simplicity app. This way, citizens can also return to previously published issues.

Bulletin Board
Published 15. 1. 2021
New version of the app is here!
Hi, you can now download the new, update version of the app for your city. The update brings performance improvements and bug fixes for...

Replace the physical bulletin boards with digital ones, containing all the official announcements.

With Simplicity

Residents only get what they are interested in & notifications are targeted

You can integrate 3rd party smart-city systems (public transport / parking / trash bins / payments / etc.)

Mutual communication is open, transparent, flexible, and most importantly, efficient

Information is verified, relevant, and timely, coming only from official places

The municipality is in control of the narrative

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How it works

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